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Hall Partitions

Hall Partitions panels are hung from a precision extruded heavy duty aluminum top track with ball bearing trolleys. Suspended from the structure by threaded steel rods or brackets. No floor track or guides are required.

Each partition comprises2 no.adjustable wall mounted jamb posts suitable for opening of unlimited width. Panels are positioned within the jamb posts and locked into position by means of two retractable acoustic seals operated by a single control, securely fastening the panels between the floor and top track with flexible acoustic seals; creating a very good seal and locking the panels firmly in position across the opening. The last panel positioned has an additional telescopic vertical element which finally exerts pressure on all panels, ensuring that the panels are tightly closed together and the acoustic seals are fully compressed for maximum efficiency. The system is also availiable with electric panel operation. Constructed for a long trouble free life, the panels have internal frames incorporating the precision mechanical operating mechanism.

They are faced both sides as standard with high density particle board which can be finished with a wide range of exciting materials to suit the clients’ requirements.

Panel edges are fitted with precision interlocking trim sections with vertical acoustic magnetic seals. Cavity filled with acoustic sheet material bonded to the inside of the panel boards depending on the acoustic requirement.Trimless panel edges are also available (non-visible profiles).

Technical Specification

Standard acoustic ratings available of 40, 44, 49, 52, up to a maximum of 56dB. Overall weight 34 – 56kgs per square metre.

Series 100Track System Mono-directional single point trolley system, with in-line track system for panel height up to 4.5 metres.

Series 800Track SystemTwin point track system for multi- direction panel parking suitable for installations up to a panel height of 7.0 metres.

Series 1000 Track System Suitable for single point panel installations above 4.5 metres and multi-directional twin trolley installations for heights above 7.0 metres tall.

Inset Pass Doors Can be incorporated within the panels complete with locking. Double pass doors are available for our Series 800 and Series 1000 track installations.

Panic release mechanisms and vision panels can be included into any pass door.

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