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Architectural Acoustic Moveable Walls

The acousic within any building strongly impacts our experience. Noise is a major contributor to stress and affects our ability to concentrate at work. modern architecture often exacerbates moise due to the popularity of hard materials such as plasterboard, concrete, wood and glass in modern design.

Our accoustic panels control noise resulting in increased comfort and productivity. the panels soak up reflected sound leaving more space to think and communicate without having to compete with excessive background noise.

Our panels are used in many different environmants, including...

  • Offices - to increase productivity and reduce distractions
  • Factories - to improve working conditions and comply with health and safety legislation
  • Schools - to improve learning standards and speech intelligibility, especially for those with learning difficulties
  • Community Halls - to bring noise levels under control making group activities more enjoyable


All our panels are fully fire rated to BS476 Class 0 and come in a range of different fabric colours and finishes.

For more information, call us on 0845 678 0737 or fill in the enquiry form.


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For more information call on 01992 578718