Accordion / Concertina Walls

Flexible Space planning is the key to cost effective building design. Concertina 800, 801 and 160 series offers simople cost effective solutions to space division problems such as schools, exhibitions display areas, hotels and restaurants, community buildings, leisure and sports centres or anywhere where space is at a premium.


Concertina 800 series

The 800 Series offers two system options...

  • System 800 - standard expanding wall partition system
  • System 801 - expanding wall prtition with enhanced sound reduction


Concertina 160 series

  • System 160 - offers expanding wall partitions with enhanced sound reduction


Wherever possible, openings should be hardwood timber lined to ensure a true plumb and square opening.

The durable vinyl covering can be cleaned using household soap and warm water, detergents MUST NOT be used for cleaning.


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