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Architectural Acoustic Products supply and install a range of sound absorbing treatments from SoundSorba

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Wallsorba sound absorbing panels which are durable, fire rated, visually pleasing and offer excellent acoustic performance. Ideal for multi-purpose halls, open plan office, conference suites and interview rooms. Panels are finished in high quality acoustic fabrics with a wide range of colour options available.


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Cloudsorba acoustic "ceiling hanging panels" provide a stunning visual effect of acoustic "clouds" and an innovative design method of absorbing reverberant noise in rooms and halls.


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Quietsorba ecopaint acoustic panels are high performance Class A sound absorbing panels suitable for wall and ceiling applications. Used to absorb sound in environments such as schools, offices and leisure centres.


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Toughsorba acoustic panels are made with natural wood fibres from 100% sustainable sources. These acoustic panels are tough and available in any RAL colour, depending on quantity.

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