Folding Wall Systems

Our Series 385 system utilises up to date materials and manufacturing methods and can attain much higher levels of sound attenuation than was previously achievable with a folding partition. The Series 385 is extremely easy to use and incorporates important features such as integral pass door and a flush appearance when closed.

It is available as a ceiling track hung system with our without floor location pins, or as a floor mounted system supported on an ultra low profile floor track that can be installed flush with the floor covering. The floor mounted system utilises a ceiling guide track that can accommodate an adjustment tolerance of 35mm. both systems are avialble as centre or end tracking.

The systemhas a unique closing device, which helps the operator achieve a flush wall in one easy movement before closing the end pass door panel. This is particularly convenient when using a ceiling hung partition without floor guides.

The system is suitable for..

  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Or anywhere where a quick and easy to operate moveable acoustic screen is required

Sound Reduction
The airbournce sound insulation of the folding partitions is between Rw 38 dB and Rw 49 dB, which makes it possible to find a range which will completely fulfil your requirements.

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